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About ClassyQueens

Welcome to our Queendom
ClassyQueens was created in New Jersey, by four inspired Entrepreneurs wanting to make a difference in the online world.
All photos on the site are unedited to encourage a body positive image.
We dedicate ourselves and finding the most quality and trendiest clothing that would make any girl feel and look like the Queen that she deserves to be. All ladies are Princesses, but you are a Queen in ClassyQueens. 
Our Story...
Once Upon a TIme... In a Land Far Far Away there was a beautiful princess who never felt like she was beautiful enough and always felt like an outcast. No matter how hard she tried, she always saw someone who she thought was prettier, smarter, better then she was. This was because her family was always telling her she was too fat wore too much makeup or telling her she needed to improve her appearance all the time. Along with that there was this horrible villain called the "Social Media" who constantly reminded her that she would never look as good as the girls on Instagram or Tumblr.
Eventually, the princess went off to high school and eventually started to develop her own sense of style. She began to eat better, and slowly started to gain more confidence as she explored her personal style. She stopped wearing what she thought other people wanted her to wear, and got deep into the fashion kingdom. 
Everyone started seeing how confident the Princess got and before she knew it, she was one of the school's most stylish students that everyone wanted style advice from. She found her calling, and since then began loving her body the way it was. She started to embrace her "big thighs" and "average" figure. She no longer wanted to be like everybody else.
And Then..
She met a Princess from another town, who shared the same views as her. This girl owned succesful boutiques around the neighboring town and saw that the Princess had a great sense of style. She had this brilliant idea that if they partnered up, together they can build a Queendom of girls who felt confident in themselves in everything that they wore. The two princesses wanted to go against the social media norms and wanted to bring something new to the table. Something that will benefit other Princesses worldwide to love themselves for who they are.
The fashion Princess & the business Princess teamed up to build their own Queendom.
Alone they were just Princesses- but now..
They are Classy Queens, with a mission to SLAY the Social Media with their body positive vision.
And they both lived happily ever after....